A downloadable game for Windows

A game about supernatural atomic waste.

INSPECT every inch of a contaminated household
QUARANTINE hazardous materials
ENCOUNTER residents
PUT yourself in danger
BE a professional

A top-down adventure game for windows
Playtime about 1 hour
Original soundtrack by Chiaroscuro
You can listen to the soundtrack on Bandcamp

Content warning:
•Some swear words (including one F-bomb)
•Mild, cartoony body horror
•Dehumanizing beaurocracy
•Unlicensed rodent commerce


Release date Nov 10, 2018
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle, Visual Novel
Made withpygame
Tagsbad-puns, Story Rich, Top-Down
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
LinksHomepage, Soundtrack, Patreon


Atominous.exe 33 MB

Install instructions

This game was a personal "test" project that I got carried away with. It may have frame stuttering or screen tearing, it might get snagged by your antivirus software, and it might crash and Return -1 on you. I've been fixing the biggest mistakes, but I don't think I'll be able to fully fix something that's just kind of inherently broken. I'm going to spend more of my time carefully constructing my next project.


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Extremely proud of Davoo for creating this game! It was such a cute and quirky experience. I suck at giving feedback but here are notes of my playthrough. If you have not beat the game yet, don't spoil yourself pls:

-It took me an embarrassing amount of time to find the first key, but after that initial struggle I blazed through the house. Made it to 8 atominoes until I had to turn to the Cluemouse for answers; curse those pesky pies!
-I had too much fun with the dressing section. I dressed a mannequin entirely in shades of blue and typed through so many colors until discovering 'mustard' wasn't on the list. That was as gratifying as all the puzzles.
-Got the debit card on my first try. I'm just that good I guess.

Overall I was constantly smiling and had more fun pressing a Z button than I ever have before. Excited for eventual future projects!!


This game is very good! Had a lot of fun playing it, thanks for taking the time of coding it.

Good stuff!

Generally I hate the "pick pellets up" "genre", but this really did it for me. The huge keys were kind of annoying... but the doors were always close enough that it was funny too.

Good use of silence+music, and the ending was a great way to cap it off. Totally didn't see it coming. 

About the 1 pixel hitboxes. mentioned by others.. mostly fine since it was so limited and you could always get a hint. Could have been better though if there was a way to slowly move (combined with other reasons to use it, so the added complication would be worth it).

I was really baffled by the skip text button design though... It really should have just skipped the whole line rather than just loading it all immediately. X X X is much nicer then X Z X Z X Z. Kind of related but not really, I ended up missing some text permanently because there's no way to read some text if you clicked past it. A bit beyond the scope of the game, but if this were to be fleshed out / remade, a log of previous lines would be nice.

PS: Got here on Digibro's recommendation




Fun game! Definitely has that Davoo vibe. I'm curious about some code-looking numbers found in a couple places in the game, but don't immediately see how to go about decoding them.

There were a few points where I noticed something off, but I wasn't really in the mode of searching for secrets when I saw them, so I didn't take much note of them. Thus, I hint moused the last ~10 atominos, and met most of them with "ooooh, I should have figured that out," which is a lot better than "how was I supposed to figure that out?!" I think the biggest point of criticism I have is fidgety pixel-perfect hitboxes for examining things, especially because examining any of the walls puts you into a text log, and some of the more densely packed examinables have a lot of text to boot.


Do you have any plans to make the game available for mac users? I'd really like to be able to play the game

I want to eventually go back and fix all its bugs, and port it to other OS's. However, I'll have to wait to do that until after I am a lot more competent at software design.

i believe in you,,,

i must play this game


Just finished! This was a good time.
Keep it up, Davoo!

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this is the tenth(?) time I've  TRIED to download the game, I've refreshed, restarted and still no dice, oddly enough every time I think its downloaded it decides to delete itself? Is there something wrong with the download :(?

It could be an antivirus problem. It might go through easier if downloaded from G.Drive (it probably won't but worth a shot.)


Review: Short, sweet, and simple. For a first solo indie game, this is pretty solid. I enjoyed how this was so clearly created by you with all the quirky observations and comments. The game was so short, it's hard to have any complaints other than "it'd be cool to see more variety and/or content" but in reality the simplicity and brevity is a big part of what makes it enjoyable. The (2?) music tracks were fitting, especially during the dramatic quiz.

I wish I had more to say :P


- in the first version (so maybe you fixed this) I stood with my eyes inside the glasses, walked away, walked back in, and then I couldn't move or pause and I was indefinitely stuck in place
- at the end, the (Source) says "Do you my self awareness impressive, yes?" but I think you meant "You find my self awareness impressive, yes?" or "Do you find my self awareness impressive?"
- not really a bug, and probably just the engine, but I do think it's funny how the game boots up with 340MB of ram and then fluctuates from that to ~100 MB seemingly randomly. but even my dated non-gaming laptop had 0 lag when playing, so it wasn't an issue at all

I look forward to whatever you make in the future!


Great game, Davoo! I didn't experience any bugs so I don't have any real criticisms/complaints/unwarranted advice. The only thing that stands out is that the hitboxes for some items are little too specific. Also, the names of the rooms weren't entirely obvious but that might just be a me thing.

My favorite part definitely had to be the walk speed. In a game essentially about walking, it never felt like a hassle going from one side of the house to the other. That's not to say that the other aspects of the game (writing, design, music) are in any way bad. The walk speed is just perfect. 

I don't think I'm going to make another game that involves wiggling into precise hitboxes as part of the challenge. That was a pretty dumb idea, and I only went with it because I couldn't think of enough alternatives to combat.


enjoyed it, would def play something like this again. some thoughts (not going to spoil anything for randys reading this, play it yourselves nerds):

- could have had more environmental hints like the direction-based [redacted]. i ended up going to advicemouse a lot near the end, starting at about 16.

- experiences no performance issues, the game never stuttered, and the only thing i'd call low quality was that the game ended with -1 exit code (nothing wrong with that, just could have been smoother like a fade-to-black). the game ran smooth and there were no errors or bugs/glitches.

- as far as sound design, some light music in the house would have been appreciated, the silence went on for a bit long. at least something light and innocuous, like some john carpenter style synths. i liked the difference in music between the house and natural areas so i'm not talking like, drastic big music in the house. maybe not even tonal music, could just be something ambient w/ drums iunno man do whatever its your life

Dude what, that crash at the end is not supposed to happen. I even tested it last night and this wasn't the case, and yet now, somehow, it is happening just as you said. What???

Alright, pretty sure I've fixed that issue. Thank you for the early report. I appreciate the thoughts on the musiclessness as well; I have recently thought that if I were to do a game like this again, I might include a CD player or jukebox that you can put on to fill up the house with music of your choice--perhaps after finding hidden CD's.