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Finally. Davoo the Video Game.


I loved it!! I rarely play any videogames, although I do consume quite some critique, yours included back in the days; and I gotta say in a enjoyment/minute scale this has been one of my favourite experiences with the medium!!

I adore the cute and highly personal graphics, the music while simple had a personality to it I really liked and the abstract trip through the hallways was a great experience. Every bit of dial... Monologue, I guess, had tons of charm and care put into it. Well, and even if most of the text were improvised, it felt like it came from a sincere, personal place, as usual with your creations.

Surely a lot of my enjoyment has a lot to do with how found I am of your (well, internet at least) personality and how well I felt like the game captured it.

I'll be waiting for [Something] City I hope it doesn't give you too many headaches!


Yes. Coming from a game developer and music developer. I think that the overall concept is a great idea! I think that the idea of being able to explore the developers house while at the same time getting updates and learning what's going on during development is a great idea! I love your past videos and everything you've made in game development! Keep making great games!


Yeah, when I listen into it, I can tell its oil in a pan. But not casually observing! And yes, foley IS a fun physical brain exercise.


a GNOSTIC theory


I like you davoo ure cool. It was a nice little thing, one of the best parasocial relationships i have.
Also i feel like oop is not that big brain once you conceptualice it all as inputs and outputs, its about finding the right mindset/teacher/tutorial?
Regardless best of lucks.


cool idea

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Hey, hope you're doing good! I've been subscribed to you for a few years now but never knew you made games. I'm going to definitely start following your stuff.

This was a really unique and memorable experience. I'm totally on board with the GLOG format and I hope it catches on.